The OOC has been working to support and develop Oregon's organic industry and community. Since its founding, key accomplishments include:

  • Organization and promotion of Oregon Governor Proclaimed Organically Grown in Oregon Week (OGOW), annually in September
  • Communication and outreach for Organic trade promotion—social media, email marketing campaigns and PR
  • Presenting the annual Awards for Excellence in Organics to Oregon's trade leaders
  • Hosting an OOC board sub-committee, stakeholder Policy Working Group, which creates a policy platform and uses in lead efforts in support of organic policy in Oregon
  • Collecting and distributing data on the organic trade, highlighting the positive economic impacts in the state (link coming soon)
  • Serving on several working and advisory groups, including Organic Stakeholder advisors to the Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Hiring a policy advocate lobbyist to represent the Organic trade in Oregon at the state level, building alliances with other interested stakeholder groups to meet with and engagement with policy-makers in Salem
Key Initiatives in the recent Oregon Legislative Sessions:
  • Successfully worked with legislators and Organic stakeholders to propose the need for $375,000 to OSU Extension Offices for hiring personnel with organic expertise to assist transitioning farmers
  • Led effort to pass SB 885 into law to continue protections of organic farms from the threat of more canola in the Willamette Valley
  • Developed plans for a Stakeholder workgroup to create an Organic Action Plan for Oregon
  • Helped to provide input for, and signed-on to, the testimony of support for Cap and Invest to include Organic Farm investment

  • Worked on bills for Pesticide reform, including:  
    • Aerial Spray Ban
      • Two Legislative Hearings to raise awareness
      • Positioning the issue for a ballot measure in 2021
    • Established Chlorpyrifos and Neonics as an OCN Priority and built a broad coalition
      • Identified and Empowered Champions
      • Built a broad Coalition to address these issues, including Oregon Conservation Network, NCAP, Beyond Toxics, PCUN, a network of Health Care professionals, Hummingbird Wholesale, Mountain Rose Herbs and other organic businesses
      • 4 Legislative Hearings to raise awareness

Since the beginning, the OOC has acted as a voice for the Organic Trade and it's members have led incredible efforts to grow organic acreage, to protect organic resources and commerce, and to develop public policy that supports the growth of the organic trade: